About Ross YipChoy

51ed9f343b95e_@!@_Ross4An MBA candidate at Nova Southeastern University in Florida, Ross Yipchoy currently pursues coursework for a future career in finance and investment banking. The recipient of a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Miami, Ross Yipchoy built a diverse record of academic and professional achievement over the years. He currently possesses experience in production management and professional security.

Ross Yipchoy spent a year serving as production manager for Pastryanna, a baked goods manufacturer based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Responsible for the oversight of more than 50 employees at Pastryanna, he learned and implemented the Six Sigma process and efficiency-improvement techniques. After graduating from the University of Miami in 2010, Ross Yip Choy worked in accounts receivable at Premier Beverage Company in Miramar, Florida, before joining Guardian Professional Security, where he currently serves as a professional security officer.

Active in the community, Ross Yip Choy takes part in the annual walks held by Susan G. Komen for the Cure and donates to organizations assisting underserved children in the Caribbean.


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